Air-Slide Flow-Aid Case Study

Because silos and hoppers are often prone to various material flow issues, many operations face the challenges of implementing a solution that allows for optimal flow and quick material discharge. While some types of vibration equipment can help streamline flow, these are often not enough to maximize process efficiency. Adding custom air-slide units to your container can help eliminate severe flow problems by keeping materials moving smoothly and preventing unwanted production delays.

The Problem

Original client added material flow vibrators
The Original Material Flow Vibrators Added by the Client

One particular client of Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. had a significant flow problem with fine aggregate material in their hopper-bottom silo. The issue involved material buildup at the bottom of the unit, causing severe clogging where the material would typically flow out. 

The client initially tried alleviating the problem by pounding the hopper with hammers to loosen the material. Besides causing minor damage to the unit, these attempts did not offer any improvements to material flow. The client also tried attaching vibrating equipment to the sides of the hopper, but those efforts did not fully resolve the issue. 

The Solution

Air slide flow aid solution installed to the hopper bottom silo
Air-Slide Flow-Aid Solution Custom Installed by Deca Vibrator

The client contacted Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. hoping to find a practical and efficient solution. The experts at Deca reviewed the problem and determined the Air-Slide Flow-Aid Solution would help solve the client’s issues. At the client’s request, Deca custom-installed the air-slide units on the hopper, immediately resolving the problem and returning the flow to optimum speeds.

The Deca air-slide solution delivers superior material flow assistance by creating blasts of air that keep material moving smoothly. These air blasts operate on timed cycles, pushing open a piston to create a 360-degree dispersal of powerful air that moves material off the container’s inside wall. The device’s piston, housing and other components consist of high-grade machined steel that requires minimal maintenance and ensures many years of durable, reliable service.

In addition to aggregate material applications, Deca’s air-slide solution is ideal for nearly any moist, dry, dense or entangled materials. The solution works well in most containers for almost any application, from pulp and paper to metals and minerals. We specifically engineer this solution to address a comprehensive range of flow issues, including rat holes, sticky and tacky buildup, arching and severe blockages.

How Our Air-Slide Solution Impacted the Business

Implementing the Air-Slide Flow-Aid solution met the client’s expectations by restoring productive flow to their aggregate material. It freed up time for the employees by eliminating the need to hammer the hopper’s sides. The air-slide solution also created a safer and healthier work environment by minimizing the amount of physical labor needed for efficient operation. 

Because of the increase in productivity, the business returned to peak operating efficiency.

Trusting Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. for Your Material Flow Needs

When you choose Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. for your material flow requirements, you’ll partner with an engineering team that has decades of developing custom flow-aid solutions for many applications spanning a broad industry range. We take pride in manufacturing some of the industry’s most durable and high-performing solutions, all backed by top-class customer service. 

Contact us online or call 800-974-9422 today to learn more about how our offerings can benefit your operation. 

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