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Biomass and Pharmaceuticals Material Processing

The pharmaceutical and biotech material handling industries are extremely competitive, requiring a high level of expertise to overcome a series of complex challenges. Plants need to efficiently handle a broad variety of materials while limiting waste, maintaining a safe work environment and keeping processes running smoothly.


Whether you need a more efficient way to transport fine and moist pharmaceutical ingredients that tend to stick to chutes, hoppers and containers or want to eliminate excess dust caused by biomass processing applications involving ash byproducts, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can produce a cost-effective solution suited to your requirements. 


Vibrators for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Applications

We call on superior practical knowledge and expertise to deliver industrial vibrators for biotech applications and pharmaceuticals material processing that completely solve your problem. Our vibrators are suitable for use in all different environments including labs, cleanrooms and environmental chambers, offer intermittent continuous duty cycles and can be implemented on stationary and mobile equipment.


In biotech material handling and pharmaceuticals processing, materials are often fine and moist, causing accumulations and compaction that can lead to blockages. These build ups of material result in slow-downs in productivity due to frequent maintenance requirements, as well as dangerous situations where employees must manually handle toxic materials. When you partner with us, our experienced representatives will analyze your operation, including material type, particle size, moisture levels and environmental factors such as humidity and processing temperature to identify the solutions that make the most sense.


products commonly used in pharmaceuticals and biomass processing:

Electric and pneumatic vibrators

These vibrators are a en effective and reliable way to keep materials moving on conveyors and through bins and hoppers with minimal loss and carryback.


Vibratory feeders

These tools provide low-frequency operation to overcome conveying challenges involving moving low-density materials over distances from 1 meter to 25 meters. Feeders are also used in screening powders and feeding ingredients in pharmaceuticals material processing. 


Bin activators

These activators shake the contents rather than the container in sensitive and precise applications involving powdered chemicals with explosive-environment versions available. Butterfly valves offer a low cost, lightweight design that makes it easier to control the flow of powders and granules found in both pharmaceuticals and biomass processing.


Material flow Aides

Tools such as vibrating bin aerators are used in conditions where vibration is harmful to the process, improving the ability to keep fine powders from clumping or sticking to storage vessel walls.
Find the Best Equipment for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Material Handling


Find the Best Equipment for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Material Handling

Speak with a Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. representative about your project applications. Call us toll-free at (866) 384-3788, or write to for expert assistance finding vibrators for biotech applications and pharmaceuticals processing today.