Whenever bulk materials need to be stored, moved or processed, there’s always the potential for blockages that can cause problems ranging from storage container backups to conveyor belt and processing equipment breakdowns. And of all bulk materials, there’s possibly nothing stickier and more troublesome than the raw materials used in pulp, paper and wood production.

Fortunately, at Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we’ve been providing customized, well-engineered, and cost-effective material flow solutions — such as paper processing vibrators — since 1980 to our growing list of pleased clients. With our state-of-the-art pulp material processing vibrators, you can say goodbye to clinging, bridging, rat holing and general problems associated with plugs and blockages that can lead to temporary shutdowns in your processing facility — or, worse, cause your equipment to fail completely.

To help pulp, paper and wood processors enjoy more uptime and profitability from their equipment, we’ve been perfecting our wood material processing vibrators for decades. In that time, we’ve seen the paper industry go through significant changes. And most recently, the challenge of remaining competitive by driving down costs has become a prime factor for all stakeholders.

That’s why our equipment is designed to save you time and money while simultaneously supporting your productivity by protecting your processing equipment from unplanned failures.

Material Flow Solutions for the Pulp, Paper and Wood Industries

Clearly, the shift from print media to digital formats has had a big impact on the pulp and paper industries over the past two decades. However, the use of paper in packing and packaging applications has continued to grow. Of course, developments such as demands for cleaner and more energy-efficient processing facilities have also had an impact. When you combine all of this with the fact that paper products and raw materials are being exported and imported on an ever-widening global scale, you can quickly see why one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today is one of efficiency.

Nevertheless, in an industry that relies on the moving and processing of some the stickiest raw materials in existence, caked-on, clumped blockages and buildups are the very enemy of the efficiency companies strive for. That’s why, from wood pulp and wood chips to slurries and recycled paper waste, we design the industrial vibrators and material flow solutions that get the job done for your facility. We’ll help you accomplish everything from minimizing the risk of fugitive raw materials clogging conveyor belts to eliminating flow stoppages in chutes, hoppers and other storage and transport equipment.

Pulp, Paper and Wood Vibrators

For efficient support of feeding, screening, compacting, settling and conveying of paper, pulp and wood materials, our wide assortment of pneumatic linear vibrators are powerful yet quiet. What’s more: These reliable internal or external piston-driven vibrators aid in the material flow of small- to medium-size hoppers, bins, chutes, silos and pipes. In addition, our pneumatic linear vibrators are highly useful in various applications that don’t respond well to high-frequency rotary vibration.

Along with industrial vibrators, the Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System is the ultimate solution for sticky material flow issues. When our engineers’ recommendations are followed, we fully guarantee 100 percent performance of our Deca Air-Slide installations. Placed at strategic points in your container, the system uses powerful blasts of air to promote the downward motion of dry, moist, dense, hydroscopic and trapped materials. It’s especially useful to break up blockages of pulp, paper and wood materials.

Moreover, these units are easy to install, require little maintenance, consume relatively little air and meet with OSHA standards for low noise. They’re also highly customizable and give you total control of firing order, cycles and dwell times.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. for Efficient Flow of Raw Materials

Support your productivity with high-ROI vibratory and material flow equipment. At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we offer customized paper, pulp and wood vibration equipment to seamlessly fit your needs. Since 1980, we’ve been solving our customers’ material flow issues with exceptional outcomes.

For results that you can count on, contact us today.