Concrete compaction and vibration is the process that expels trapped air from freshly poured concrete and packs the aggregate particles to increase the concrete’s density. Removing air pockets and packing these particles together is essential for a structurally-sound and durable product.

This process increases the concrete’s strength and ensures long-lasting capabilities. Neglecting this process can result in a weak structure and poor finish. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about concrete vibration and the best equipment for your projects.

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Concrete vibration applications

Concrete Vibrator Applications

Concrete is one of the most popular building products because of its versatility and strength. However, you must rely on proper vibration to ensure the product’s strength and durability. Without vibrations, air bubbles can compromise the concrete, posing serious threats to the appearance and structural integrity of the final piece.

Air pockets can create various holes of different sizes, and these pockets can increase in appearance and size over time, leaving unsightly gaps in the structure. More importantly, the strength of concrete products reduces by 6% for every percent volume of trapped air. With these flaws, the structure can’t perform as you anticipated, causing several structural concerns.

Finding the right vibrator is essential for each project. These tools allow you to remove most of the air pockets from poured concrete and displace large air bubbles that can create significant issues. Keep reading to discover the different types of concrete vibrators and their applications.

1. Internal Vibrator

Also known as immersion concrete vibrators, internal concrete vibrators ensure concrete’s integrity by sending vibrations into precast concrete. There are two types of internal concrete vibrators:

  • Pneumatic immersion concrete vibrators: Pneumatic concrete form vibrators run at high speeds and rely on compressed air for function. These vibrators have fewer parts and operate without bearings, making them less susceptible to motor damage.
  • Flexible shaft concrete vibrators: These vibrators offer many options, with models available as compact and portable or large machines. At Deca Vibrator, you can find a flexible shaft concrete vibrator with five interchangeable heads, a vulcanized hose and high-quality reinforced hoses to prevent excess wear and tear.

When working with concrete, structural integrity is crucial. You can rely on internal vibrators for a variety of applications, including flatwork, roads, refractories, molding and core compaction, dams, bridges, columns, foundation, and precast construction concrete.

2. Concrete Pump Trucks

You can rely on concrete pump trucks for applications where concrete is challenging to reach or requires a large concrete quantity. You can use pump trucks for job sites like basements with limited access and skyscrapers. These tools can save manpower, money and time with proper techniques because this equipment allows for a faster and more accurate pour.

Construction workers can use concrete pump truck vibrators to improve material movement. These devices can operate with less stress on your electrical system and empower you to achieve continuous duty. You can also find water-tight models for use on volumetric and concrete pump trucks.

You can use these vibrators for applications such as sand-spreaders, concrete pumps, gravel-spreaders, dump trucks, salt-spreaders, sweeper trucks, fertilizer-spreaders, vacuum trucks and mobile equipment where compacted or sticky material can cause slow unloading.

3. Volumetric Truck

Volumetric trucks are excellent for creating the exact amount of concrete you need on the job site. These mixers contain water and ingredient materials to produce the concrete and proportion these elements by volume over time. A volumetric truck vibrator can aid this process in various ways, including unloading materials and preventing materials from sticking to the walls.

Vibrators like the Series PV – Pneumatic Piston Vibrator can produce shockwaves suitable for wet or electrostatics powders like clay. You can rely on this tool for indoor and outdoor applications such as solving incrustation formation, rat-holing or bridging. Further, you can use multiple impact vibrators for maximum efficiency.

The Series DC1 Truck Vibrator is another volumetric truck attachment you can use to solve problems when unloading materials from mobile equipment. This model improves material movement with effective vibration. You can use this tool for applications like salt- and sand-spreaders, concrete pumps, dump trucks and other mobile equipment to prevent slow unloading.

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4. Concrete Flatwork

Concrete flatwork refers to surfaces like basements, patios, driveways and sidewalks. These locations require an even and flat surface, which concrete can provide. A concrete flatwork vibrator ensures the integrity of the flatwork by removing the air pockets that would hinder the flatwork’s strength and appearance.

Specifically, a flexible shaft vibrator is excellent for this type of project. These vibrators are powerful units you insert into freshly poured concrete. These tools send shockwaves throughout the concrete and offer more power than several other vibrator types, such as high-cycle and pendulum vibrators.

These devices are suitable for a wide range of concrete applications. For example, you can use a flexible shaft vibrator for concrete flatwork that people will walk, cycle or drive on to create a durable product that resists fissures and cracks. You can also rely on this tool for molding and core compaction, large precast concrete tables, concrete construction and refractory concrete lines.

5. Concrete Foundation Work

Concrete foundations offer strong and durable materials for buildings and structures. Many times, this reliable material allows home and business owners to improve other areas of their buildings because they don’t need to repair the foundation work. To provide this reliable solution, you can rely on concrete foundation vibrators.

High-frequency vibrators are an excellent choice for this application. You can use these tools for compacting narrow walls and high-construction elements that are challenging to vibrate concrete with other systems. Additionally, these devices are suitable for applications demanding high reinforcement density. You can power some of these vibrators at different frequencies to suit your project.

Some high-frequency electric vibrators are suitable for applications such as compacting refractory materials, aiding concrete compaction in precast forms for more consistent and robust product quality. This helps with clearing hoppers and bins of powered materials and providing consistent vibrations for test tables to assess the resistant qualities of electronic assemblies.

Our concrete vibration solutions

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Our Concrete Vibration Solutions

Deca Vibrator has a primary product focus on vibrators to solve problems and exceed project needs. As bulk material handling specialists, we understand the importance of quality materials and tools.

We back each of our products with expert technical advice to exceed your needs. We offer a wide range of solutions for concrete applications and welcome even the most unique projects.

Take a deeper look at our vibration solutions to discover how we can aid your construction site and projects.

Series CR and DR – Pneumatic External High Frequency Roller

The Series CR & DR – Pneumatic External High Frequency Roller has a high-strength ductile iron body. This device is economical and features a heavy-duty design. This vibrator is ideal for applications like concrete, precast and refractory needs. The design features dual rollers to produce high frequencies and forces and large amplitudes.

You can also choose from 12 models to ensure you find the best option for your needs. Our CR and DR Series Vibrators provide high centrifugal forces and high frequencies at large amplitudes to consolidate and compact precast and prestressed concrete.

Using these tools will generate enough pressure waves to separate aggregate particles and reduce friction. This process allows you to remove trapped air and increase density. The rugged design of these models requires very little maintenance, and these units can operate within a range between 30 and 90 psi.

Series AX – Flexible Shaft Concrete Vibrator

The Series AX – Flexible Shaft Concrete Vibrator is an immersion vibrator that can serve many general construction applications. Deca Vibrator created this unit with a portable, single-phase motor within sturdy housing to transmit power through the transmission. The eccentric within the poker head spins at 12,000 rpm while generating vibration.

This model features an oversized motor to exceed performance level and highly resistant housing. It also has a shock-proof switch in the handle for easy handling. The Series AX has protection from moving parts and splashes and features easily replaceable carbon brushes and air filters for simple maintenance.

When you opt for this unit, you can access five interchangeable heads and four oil-lubricated bearings. These units are suitable for:

  • Concrete construction
  • Core compaction and molding
  • Concrete foundation work
  • Concrete flatwork
  • Refractory concrete lines
  • Large precast concrete tables

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Series FVC High Frequency Electric

Our Series FVC High Frequency Electric Vibrators offer easy installation and high operating efficiency. These devices reduce installation and repositioning time with quick-coupling clamps. Precast and construction site workers often use these units to achieve weather resistance and excellent design results in exposed concrete.

You can power the FVC unit at different frequencies and avoid damage to the mold or formwork by working far from the structure’s resonance frequency to which you’re applying the unit. We recommend this vibration system for applications that can be challenging to vibrate with other systems, such as narrow walls, columns, beams and partitions.

Series DVFD and DVGT Vibration Tables

The Series DVFD and DVGT Vibration Tables come in grid top or flat top models. This equipment helps achieve uniform vibration and is suitable for densifying, settling, deaerating and compacting.

These units are available in a range of sizes for precise frequency control. We also offer customizable transport and vibration timing control. We build these tables to customer specifications, and their versatility makes them excellent for solving various processing problems. You can use these models for industrial purposes such as removing trapped air, settling bulk materials in drums or boxes, food processing and packaging and consolidating concrete in forms or molds.

Our Vibration Compaction Tables have adjustable force outputs and electric or pneumatic vibrators with rotary or linear vibration to meet your unique needs. These tables are ideal for medium and small operations, but you can request customizations for your specifications. Previous applications of our tables include general industrial, food preparation, construction, carton and box compaction, and big bag compaction.

Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrators 1 Phase 2 Pole

Our Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrators 1 Phase 2 Pole models are compatible with chutes, pipes, hoppers, bins, filter cleaning and compacting. We build these industrial vibrators for reliability during demanding work. Our products can outlast other brands by several years, providing a greater life span and more productivity for your projects.

You can find 10 different models in this series that can meet your needs and serve a variety of applications. The smallest unit is less than 10 pounds, and the largest model is 22 pounds, giving you portable and stable options.

Series DC Brackets for Concrete Form Vibration

You can easily fix the Series DCL Brackets for Concrete Form Vibration models to any formwork, including steel panels and wood formwork. You can also significantly speed up the vibrating process due to these clamps.

There are four model options in this series, empowering you to choose between mechanical mounts and steel weld options. These tools are suitable for molding and core compaction applications.

Deca Vibrator offers custom vibratory equipment

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Custom Vibratory Equipment Solutions

Although there are many vibrator models on the market, there are times when an off-the-shelf unit won’t complete the job. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely provide the reliability, durability and support you need for demanding tasks. Choosing these products can result in poor-quality finished products and maintenance issues that can become costly and time-consuming.

Deca Vibrator offers custom vibratory equipment to provide a reliable solution for these issues. We’re adaptable and responsive, empowering us to deliver exceptional attention to your specific needs. Over our more than three decades of experience, we’ve discovered that most companies need unique solutions, and we’re prepared to deliver them.

Our custom solutions allow companies to find what they need rather than choosing a product to use by themselves, regardless of ability or longevity. Deca Vibrator services include detailed consultations to create a cost-effective solution for your business. Additionally, we manufacture our products in-house to meet the highest standard for quality and performance. Our team can help you throughout the journey, from planning your project to installing the product.

Discover reliable concrete vibration from Deca Vibrator

Discover Reliable Concrete Vibration From Deca Vibrator

Deca Vibrator is a family-owned and operated company that reaches success by placing customer needs at the forefront. Our mission is to create expert-backed and proven products to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our unrivaled expertise and superior knowledge make us a leader in our industry, and we’re prepared to find a unique solution for your business.

With us, you can find a range of industrial vibrators, dry bulk material handling equipment, flow-aids, silo and bin cleaning equipment, and vibratory equipment. Our expertise and reliability empower us to craft unique solutions for every job. We welcome even those hard-to-handle projects because we’re always up for a challenge.

We develop long-term partnerships with our customers, and we want to add you to our growing list. Contact us for more information about our concrete vibration solutions. You can also speak with a team member to request information about a custom project specification by calling (800) 974-9422.

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