Truck Vibration Equipment by Deca Vibrator

In the competitive trucking industry, maximizing efficiency is a critical element to success. Whether you’re transporting bulk solids to a processing facility or delivering coal to a power plant, you need the right tools and equipment to overcome a variety of truck vibration challenges. As a leading source of effective material-flow solutions since 1980, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge of shipping and logistics to deliver the industrial vibrators and other bulk material-handling equipment solutions you require.

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Industrial Vibrators for Trucking Applications

Waste and disruptions to the workflow in shipping and logistics are enemies to your bottom line. When materials stick to the sides of the walls of shipping containers or clump up at discharge points, traditional methods of removal are costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous. Rather than sending employees into an unsafe environment with sledgehammers to fix the problem, an industrial vibrator ensures bulk materials flow freely through loading and unloading applications.

Deca Vibrator’s material-flow solutions improve load retention and eliminate issues with arching, bridging, clinging and ratholing. Our products reduce waste caused by spills and excessive dust, resulting in a smooth-running process and safer job sites. Having the right truck vibration equipment eliminates costly downtime and loss of productivity while lowering long-term maintenance and operating costs.

Keep Your Trucking Operation Moving Forward with Deca's Industrial Material Handling Equipment

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. we’re dedicated to providing solutions that completely solve the bulk material handling and truck vibration issue that is negatively impacting your bottom line. We take a consultative approach to fully understanding your challenges to engineer a product customized to your requirements. Each client and project benefits from our extensive experience and practical knowledge of industrial vibrators and other bulk material-handling equipment.

Featured Truck Vibration Equipment Includes:

DC Truck Vibrators

When your dump vehicle is weighed down with wet, sticky or frozen material, our DC Truck Vibrators are the solution.

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Hydraulic Vibrators And Hammers

Vibrators and hammers that deliver powerful torque for smooth flowing screening or feeding and consistent consolidation and compaction of concrete and materials in casting forms. We also offer electric, pneumatic and hydraulic cement truck vibrators to fit your specifications.

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Bin And Silo Cleaning Solutions

Prevent cement and concrete material blockages, allowing materials to freely flow through bins, kilns, preheaters and storage vessels.

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Our vibrators make energy production operations more efficient and effective.

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Feed and Grain

From helping sort fine grains to facilitating smooth material flow and reducing blockages, Deca Vibrator has solutions for your Feed and Grain Applications.

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and Quarrying operations demand powerful, efficient equipment that can be relied on for consistent outputs and safe operation with minimal maintenance.  We have the solutions you need right here.

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Additional Reasons to Choose Deca Vibrator

When you partner with us, we provide the on-going service and support you need to keep your trucking operation on the cutting edge long after the initial handshake. We offer a broad selection of products and services ranging from industrial truck vibration equipment and material-flow aids to vibratory feeders, pneumatic and electric impactors and hammers, air-slide flow aids and bin and silo cleaning. As the manufacturer of most of our vibration and bulk material-handling equipment, we’re able to offer the highest-quality products at competitive prices. Additional reasons to choose Deca Vibrator include:
  • 100% performance guarantee, provided set-up recommendations are followed
  • Highly trained and attentive live customer service representatives
  • Durable and reliable products that outlast and outperform the competition
Learn more about everything we can do to improve the efficiency of your shipping and logistics. Give us a call at (866) 384-3788 or email us at for additional details and to request an expert consultation.

Contact Us For Trucking and Transport Vibration Solutions

Capitalize on the value of working with a manufacturer and distributor committed to offering unmatched product knowledge, expert advice and after-purchase support. We offer a 100% performance guarantee on equipment — when set up recommendations are adhered to — as well as dedicated customer service. Give us a call at (866) 384-3788 or write to for more information, or to request an expert consultation.

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