Railcar Vibration Equipment by Deca Vibrator

Industries ranging from coal and energy to aggregates and agriculture utilize railcars to transport bulk materials. To remain competitive, it’s critical to minimize material loss, disruptions to workflow and inefficient loading, unloading and storage processes. If you’re searching for more efficient ways to get your products and materials from point A to point B, Deca offers a broad range of industrial vibrators and other bulk material-handling equipment custom-designed for the railcar industry.

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Industrial Vibrators for Railcars

Speed and efficiency are key to running a successful and profitable railcar operation. Issues ranging from spills and product loss due to excessive dust to clinging and carryback in loading and unloading applications drag down productivity and drive up operating costs. Whether you’re hauling coal and limestone, feed and grains, aggregates and minerals, bulk solids, plastics or a variety of other materials, the right railcar vibration equipment will reduce maintenance requirements while maximizing your tonnage per load.

When materials settle in railcars, bins, refractories, concrete forms or other storage containers, it causes problems such as bridging, ratholing, arching and sticking. Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers railcar vibration solutions that loosen materials for optimal workflow and fuller cleanout. You save time and money not having to manually deal with railcar vibration challenges while keeping your employees safe from harmful air-borne elements and falling debris.

Railcar Vibrators and Complementary Material Flow Solutions

Deca Vibrator is the manufacturer and distributor of top-quality pneumatic piston railcar vibrators used for all different applications. Our high amplitude railcar shakers are designed for fast and efficient unloading of sand, coal, cement, grains, ores, chemicals, plastics and other difficult-to-handle materials.

We carry models for removing high-density materials, as well as options for jobs that call for high-force, high-amplitude and linear motion vibration. In addition to pneumatic railcar vibrators offering 2,400 to 3,800 pounds of force output, we are also able to custom-configure material-flow solutions to your unique parameters.

Featured Truck Vibration Equipment Includes:

Electric And Pneumatic Vibrators

Electric and pneumatic vibrators capable of intermittent and continuous duty cycles in the most rugged and challenging environments. We'll help you choose the right motor sizes, force, frequency and output ratings to optimize the flow of your cement or concrete processing operation.

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Hydraulic Vibrators And Hammers

Vibrators and hammers that deliver powerful torque for smooth flowing screening or feeding and consistent consolidation and compaction of concrete and materials in casting forms. We also offer electric, pneumatic and hydraulic cement truck vibrators to fit your specifications.

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Bin And Silo Cleaning Solutions

Prevent cement and concrete material blockages, allowing materials to freely flow through bins, kilns, preheaters and storage vessels.

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Our vibrators make energy production operations more efficient and effective.

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Feed and Grain

From helping sort fine grains to facilitating smooth material flow and reducing blockages, Deca Vibrator has solutions for your Feed and Grain Applications.

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and Quarrying operations demand powerful, efficient equipment that can be relied on for consistent outputs and safe operation with minimal maintenance.  We have the solutions you need right here.

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Partnering With the Industry Leader in Railcar Vibration

At Deca, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients by providing innovative solutions backed by exceptional customer service and ongoing support. When you partner with us, you benefit from a consultative approach that takes your specifications into consideration to deliver a product that thoroughly solves your bulk material-flow issues. From industrial vibrators and impactors and hammers to air-slide flow aid equipment and bin and silo cleaning services, we’re the one-stop for everything you require.

We offer:

  • 100% performance guarantee on vibrators, as long as set-up recommendations are followed.
  • Competitive prices on quality products built to outlast the competition with minimal maintenance.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable service with available 24-hour technical support
Give us a call at (866) 384-3788 or email Sales@Decavibrator.com to speak to a live representative about railcar vibration and material-flow solutions for your business today.

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Capitalize on the value of working with a manufacturer and distributor committed to offering unmatched product knowledge, expert advice and after-purchase support. We offer a 100% performance guarantee on equipment when set up recommendations are adhered to as well as dedicated customer service. Give us a call at (866) 384-3788 or write to Sales@Decavibrator.com for more information, or to request an expert consultati

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