Manufacturing Vibration Equipment by Deca Vibrator

The key to maximizing productivity in manufacturing is ensuring you have the equipment and processes in place to operate efficiently. To be profitable, facilities need to effectively handle a variety of materials for a smooth workflow with minimal product loss.

Whether you need equipment for keeping moist materials from clumping and sticking to container walls or a product to overcome discharging problems on the production line, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers a broad range of industrial vibrators and bulk material-handling solutions.

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Industrial Vibration for Manufacturing Applications

Deca Vibrators manufactures and distributes products designed to prevent blockages and material build-up in industrial manufacturing applications. Our industrial vibrators eliminate issues with arching, bridging, clinging and ratholing while storing, transporting and loading and unloading materials. We match the vibratory characteristics and frequency requirements to your unique parameters to provide the precision vibration required to work faster and safer while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

We offer electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and motor-driven vibrators depending on your industry and work environments. Manufacturing vibrators are capable of handling powdered metals and ceramics, chemicals and abrasives as well as food products and pharmaceuticals. We also carry high-amplitude pneumatic piston railcar vibrators for fast and efficient unloading of high-density materials.

Your Comprehensive Source for Manufacturing Material Handling

Deca has been providing practical material-flow solutions for the manufacturing industry since 1980. In addition to industrial vibrators for more efficient and complete unloading of bins, containers, hoppers, railcars and chutes, we also offer solutions for vibration testing and precision excitation applications. From vibration tables for compaction and settling of dry bulk materials to vibratory feeders for maximizing tons per hour moving low-density, large-mass materials, we have you covered.

Equipment Options Include

Explosion-Proof Vibrators

Explosion-proof vibration equipment provides safety and consistency in high-pressure manufacturing operations

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Impactors and Hammers

Vibrators and hammers that deliver powerful torque for smooth flowing screening or feeding and consistent consolidation and compaction of concrete and materials in casting forms. We also offer electric, pneumatic and hydraulic cement truck vibrators to fit your specifications.

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Bin Activors and More

Bin and Silo Cleaning Solutions custom-designed for your application.

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Our vibrators make energy production operations more efficient and effective.

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Feed and Grain

From helping sort fine grains to facilitating smooth material flow and reducing blockages, Deca Vibrator has solutions for your Feed and Grain Applications.

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and Quarrying operations demand powerful, efficient equipment that can be relied on for consistent outputs and safe operation with minimal maintenance.  We have the solutions you need right here.

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Contact Deca Vibrator to Discuss Your Unique Application

When you choose us for material-flow equipment, you gain a partner dedicated to your continued success. We offer a 100% performance guarantee on products, provided you adhere to proper set-up instructions. Additional benefits include:

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Experienced company offering industry-best practical knowledge and expertise
  • Flexible solutions customized to your unique project requirements
  • Knowledgeable customer service and 24-hour technical support
  • Equipment built to last longer than the competition with minimal maintenance
  • Expert consultation to identify solutions designed to overcome your unique challenges
Give us a call at (866) 384-3788 or email to speak to a live representative about railcar vibration and material-flow solutions for your business today.

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