Chemical Process Vibration Equipment by Deca Vibrator

To be successful in the chemical-processing industry, it’s crucial to overcome a variety of bulk material-handling challenges. Quality industrial vibration equipment helps keep production processes running smoothly while providing the accuracy and precision required to adhere to strict chemical processing environmental regulations.

Whether you’re searching for ways to reduce waste conveying fine powders on the production line or a more efficient way to clear blockages caused by moist materials in pipes and chutes, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. is equipped to deliver a cost-effective vibration solution customized to your requirements.

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Vibrators and Material Flow Aids for Chemical Processing

At Deca, we call on over 35 years of industry experience and superior practical knowledge to provide bulk material-handling solutions that prevent blockages and material build-up in chemical processing. We take everything into account from frequency and amplitude to size, format and force ranges to provide a solution suited to your particular applications.

Without the proper vibration, materials used in chemical production processes stick to the sides of pipes, bins, chutes, conveyors and storage containers causing blockages and slow-downs that drag down performance and eat away at your bottom line. Deca offers a wide range of vibrators and additional material-flow aides designed to speed up production, improve product quality and provide a safer work environment.

Useful Products for Chemical Processing Industry Include

Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

Our compact and lightweight compressed-air-powered vibrators are ideal for keeping materials moving in bins and hoppers and settling product for accurate measurements. Models come with explosion-proof and wash-down safe options.

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Vibratory Feeders

Feeding systems are critical for keeping chemical processing applications flowing, offering the low frequency, high-amplitude performance you need to move low-density, high mass materials. Units are capable of feeding a broad variety of products at rates up to 20 tons-per-hour.

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Air Slide Flow Aid Solution

Deca Air-Slide units promote steady flow of light and fine to moist and dense materials in virtually any type of silo or container. We custom build flow-aid solutions to eliminate issues relating to sticky and build-up, arching, rat holes and blockages.

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Our vibrators make energy production operations more efficient and effective.

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Feed and Grain

From helping sort fine grains to facilitating smooth material flow and reducing blockages, Deca Vibrator has solutions for your Feed and Grain Applications.

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and Quarrying operations demand powerful, efficient equipment that can be relied on for consistent outputs and safe operation with minimal maintenance.  We have the solutions you need right here.

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Contact Deca Vibrator for Chemical Process Material Handling Solutions

As the original manufacturer of many of our products, we offer a 100% performance guarantee on chemical processing vibrators as long as set-up recommendations are followed. We’re 100% committed to your satisfaction and provide dedicated service and ongoing support to help your business overcome all of its material-flow challenges.

Call us at (866) 384-3788 or write to for additional information and to get started on your order today.

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